Introducing Ron Clouse

face-01Our first book, A Basic Glossary of Invertebrate Zoology, is by Dr. Ronald Clouse, who has studied invertebrate zoology for over 25 years. Dr. Clouse’s first scientific paper was on cannibalism in paper wasps, and since then he has published on sea cucumbers, ants, harvestmen, and flies. His latest scientific papers include an analysis of a family of genes in sea stars and their relatives, a historical reconstruction of sand flies, and a study of the population genetics of a group of daddy-long-legs. Coming soon are descriptions of new ant species!

Dr. Clouse has written a blog for National Geographic, detailing his expedition there to look for daddy-long-legs, and he has worked to help educate the public on these amazing animals, such as this interview on Mental Floss. His glossary is a labor of love, designed specifically for students to carry to lab, lectures, and field trips. As we like to call it: “portable and affordable!”

Check out Dr. Clouse’s YouTube channel, where his video of a little daddy-long-legs playing ‘possum continues to entertain:



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