LOL, Actually

First there were happy emoticons–   ^_^    🙂    😀   –then came the happy acronyms (LOL, ROFL, OMG), and now things have circled back to just writing Haha, Heh, or, if you’re Spanish, Jajaja. I found emoticons very useful for conveying my emotions when writing something that could be misconstrued, and writing “haha” is handy, but the acronyms have irked me more than helped, I think. OMG and WTF are good, but LOL got under my skin the minute people starting writing things like, “just bought some pizza lol,” and “where should we meet lol?” I have rarely “laughed out loud” at anything other than a good joke or slapstick moment.

This, however, was an exception, and it’s nothing more than a perfect simile from an unexpected source. Listen to British Police Constable Jess Rojek describe her impression of an overloaded car. I actually LOLed for about 10 seconds, and it’s a nice reminder of the power of good imagery.


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