John Hoskyns Interview, 1984

Miriam Hoskyns, who assisted so much with The Wiring Diagram, sent me the following video of her husband being interviewed on BBC4’s “Face The Press” in 1984. The presenter is Anthony Howard, and with him are Hugo Young of The Guardian and Michael Elliot of The Economist. I found John’s comments about nationalized industries and coal refreshing, and his response to the question of “caring” about unemployment (11:40) is very interesting.

Miranda passes along the information that the interviewers intended to expose and embarrass John in this program. It is difficult to see how they did anything but fail at this, for John gives very clear, logical answers that they don’t rebut. By modern standards, and perhaps American ones, the whole discussion seems mild and relaxed, and John articulates his points completely. In this way, it is reminiscent of “Firing Line,” which is sadly missed.


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