New Title: Case Master

I am publishing a new book soon: Case Master: Thoughtful Cases for Competitive Future Consultants. It is a collection of international business cases that can be used by readers of all backgrounds to learn business concepts and see them illustrated in various settings around the world.

As we bring it to completion, we have made a landing page for it here: At the website one can leave their email address to receive a free copy of the book when it comes out. One can also find a free case that can be downloaded and shared.

My co-author is Valentin Nugmanov, who has extensive business experience in Europe, as well as advanced academic training in business. The book is being designed by my brother Doug Clouse, who runs his own graphic design company in New York City and is President of the esteemed Type Director Club.

This book is an excellent resource for people of all backgrounds to introduce themselves to business principles and see them illustrated around the globe. The cases can be read alone or used with a partner to get advanced practice at case-interview skills. The free case download has all the data needed to give the case to a partner.

Woman selling eggs (from some sort of large bird!) in Papua New Guinea.

My interest in economics began in earnest during a study-abroad trip to Zimbabwe and Botswana, where I was able to visit and interview people sorting diamonds, growing and auctioning tobacco, weaving wire fences, and making soap, soda, and other everyday items. I draw on these experiences and others in Asia, Australia, South America, and other places to add depth and interest to the cases. In this spirit I share here a photo I took while on expedition in Papua New Guinea; the markets there are wonderful places, full of exotic items and friendly sellers.

Case Master has cases covering a variety of industries and consumers, each one emphasizing one or more important concepts. As I have been working on the book, I have kept in mind businesspeople like the young woman in the picture, and they have been an inspiration.

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