New Release! Zipporah, Pharaoh, and the Bomb

We have a new title out, a fantasy adventure story about three friends who are trying to understand their unsettling dreams. The title is Zipporah, Pharaoh, and the Bomb by Toby Lum, and it’s available in print and Kindle editions.

The story revolves around events in both the distant past and today. The parts about ancient Egypt, including the cover design, drew inspiration from various sources, including the fantastic Egyptian collection at Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. In fact, the scarab and Anubis images on the cover come from objects in the museum.

A great online source of inspiration is Egypt in Pictures by Meretseger Books in Paris. It’s a real treasure trove of wonderful photos found in various books, many of which are quite rare.

Another good web site about ancient Egypt is The Royal Titulary of Ancient Egypt by Peter Lundström. It lays out everything we know about the names and dates of ancient Egyptian rulers, including information about the historians who originally inscribed, passed along, or discovered these records. In addition, it’s a highly organized and thorough resource on hieroglyphs, obelisks, and other topics.

If you’re really into hieroglyphs, you might want to download the fascinating hieroglyph word processor, JSesh. It’s a lot of fun!

Another source of information for the book (and we won’t reveal any more) is this site: NUKEMAP by Alex Wellerstein. There one can go to any point on the globe and see what sort of damage could be done by various sizes of atomic weapons detonated at different altitudes. The subject is a bit macabre, but it does give one good information and perspective on the power of nuclear weapons and how they have changed over time.

At about 50 thousand words (250 pages), this book is a nice way to escape for a few hours on a lazy afternoon or during a long trip. Enjoy the read, and if you like it, please tell your friends and the Amazon community!

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