FREE BOOK: Case Master now available in Kindle e-book format

Great news! Case Master by Valentin Nugmanov and Ronald Clouse is now available at Amazon in Kindle format. The paperback will be available later this month. Moreover, it is free through Sunday night (Oct. 14, 2018).

This first edition of Case Master presents 8 new case-interview preparation cases carefully designed to quickly expand the business acumen of candidate consultants. Set in various global locations, the problems in Case Master are rich and engaging, and each has been refined through multiple case-interview practices with candidates from around the world.

Case Master presents cases in 3 parts: (1) “Listening In,” a dialogue between the consultant and client in which the case is presented, analyzed, and solved, (2) “Let’s Debrief,” a concise and accessible explanation of the critical business concepts underlying the case, and (3) “Practicing the Case,” the highly organized collection of data, calculations, and hints that make practicing with a partner easy and rewarding.

Each case in Case Master contains layers of complexity, but also convenient stopping points, so cases can be quickly tailored for beginner or expert partners. Novice partners will have ample opportunities to practice opening questions, problem structuring, mental-math calculations, estimating, and other fundamental skills and concepts. Expert partners will discover their blindspots and be given sufficient data to explore dead ends and enjoy cracking the case with creative solutions.

Used alone or with a practice partner, Case Master is the only resource that truly challenges case-interview candidates and quickly teaches cutting-edge business concepts in a clear, efficient manner.

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