Case Ratings by Case Master Club

Now on Instagram, Case Master Club is posting ratings of some of the more popular practice cases used in the consulting community to prepare for case interviews. These ratings are also being posted on LinkedIn, and they are being done as a service to those starting their journey of preparing for interviews at the big consulting companies, such as Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and McKinsey & Company.

Consulting job applicants of all backgrounds and skill levels around the world connect with each other through online platforms and school clubs to practice for case interviews, which are opportunities for them to showcase their analytical, communication, interpersonal, and presentation skills to potential employers. Case interviews are short, high-pressure events during which the candidate is presented with a business problem and asked for a solution. The cases may sound simple at first, but as the candidate asks questions or given relevant data, significant insight may be required to “crack the case.”

There are a number of resources available to help those practicing for case interviews, including coaching services, books, online videos, and hundreds of written cases. The latter are the core resource for preparing for case interviews, and yet most cases are poorly written or reasoned. Even cases from the most popular books and coaching services leave many candidates confused and defy basic economic principles.

It’s not a matter of being imperfect: many cases are truly just sloppy, with unreasonable assumptions, missing or incongruous data, inexplicable decisions by the characters, insane products, and poorly edited text.

It was for this reason that Case Master was published — to help fill the void of good cases. Case Master cases have been carefully crafted and tested in real-world sessions, and the book as a whole is designed to give readers every opportunity to both master case interviews and expand their business knowledge.

Of course, mixed in with the dozens of poor cases candidates will encounter, there are some which are actually worth the time to practice and master. The Case Master Club ratings will help job applicants quickly find those good cases on which to focus, as well as pinpoint the bad ones to avoid.

Each rating features an easily interpreted graphic to show how the case scores on different critical aspects — challenge, logic, data, numbers, solution, and takeaway — and a summary score to help candidates quickly find the best ones to work on first. The name and source of the case is given, and summary ratings for collections of cases are issued periodically.

We assert, of course, that Case Master cases are the best, but for now there are only eight of them, and not every practice partner will have bought Case Master yet. So when facing the daunting task of choosing a “good” case to present a partner, check first with Case Master Club on Instagram or LinkedIn.

And good luck with your interviews!

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