Case Master Hits #1 and Gets Copied

Case In Point copies Case MasterFirst, the big news, which is that Case Master has become a #1 bestseller on Amazon! Thank you to everyone who has purchased a copy, and good luck in your case interviews!

Second, we knew that when Doug Clouse agreed to design Case Master we’d bring a visual experience to readers they could find nowhere else, and we expected his work would earn some accolades. Well, what better compliment than imitation? Check out the latest edition of Case In Point, which last month ditched the design it’s used for the past 20 years in favor of a near-perfect copy of Case Master! We are flattered.

One usually sees imitation with newcomers struggling to gain market share, so it’s a bit odd to be copied by a market leader struggling to compete with used copies of itself. It’s also a sign of low quality, which readers of Case In Point have been grousing about for years. Well, maybe the new cover design will help … and you’re welcome!

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