Business Mental Math ― Now on Pre-Order!

Business Mental Math by Valentin NugmanovWe are very happy to announce the second book of the Case Master Series on Amazon, Business Mental Math by Valentin Nugmanov. The Kindle edition is now available for pre-order for $7.99, and it will be released December 30, 2020.

Business Mental Math is for anyone striving to improve their computational speed and accuracy in business, including those preparing for business consulting case interviews and those studying for graduate-level standardized tests.

What makes Business Mental Math different from other “mental math” books is its emphasis on practicality, business knowledge, context (including units and their conversions), practice, and validation. In the process of teaching the algorithms, 48 business concepts are introduced and defined, and at the end of each lesson there are practice problems―over 280 in total!

If you’re hoping to be successful in business without improving your mental math skills, this article by a senior partner Yuval Atsmon at McKinsey & Company should put an end to that. It’s title―“Want to get better at business? Practice your mental math.”―is a clear call to action for aspiring business professionals.

Indeed, although computers are getting more powerful, this does not relieve us of the burden to be computationally proficient. Atsmon says it’s quite the opposite:

Paradoxically, as we move from calculators and excel sheets to machine learning and artificial intelligence, the ability to make quick sense of numbers and ensure they are reasonable is not just more rare but more required.

Pre-order Business Mental Math today!

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