New Release & Free Kindle Editions Until 12/18

Yay! After a year I have finished “The Wiring Diagram,” which is about a historical document from the papers of Margaret Thatcher at Churchill College of the University of Cambridge. The Kindle version of it will be free for the next five days.

The Wiring DiagramThe document is a chart of British economy in 1974, and it became known as the “wiring diagram” (hence the title of the book). It was drawn by a businessman, John Hoskyns, and it was at the center of Thatcher’s election and dramatic tenure as Prime Minister.

The archivist at Churchill College, Andrew Riley, helped me enormously, and I was very fortunate to communicate with John Hoskyns’ widow, Miranda. Her memories and insightful comments are shared throughout the book.

The book is full of illustrations — not only the diagram and each of its cells, but also other schemata of the economy from the same time. The book looks its best as a color printed version, but I have done my best to code an e-book that works well on various devices. Advantages of an e-book are that it is searchable, and readers can zoom in on images.

The book also has a black-and-white printed version (at a much lower cost!), and with any printed version the Kindle version will also be free. For the next five days (through Sunday) the Kindle version is free for anyone, and I’ve made my other two books from this year free as well. Feel free to pass these links on to anyone who might be interested; there’s no limit to the free downloads.

Subjects like inflation and the nature of money are always fun to discuss, and I have been fortunate enough to have studied in both the place with the largest money in the world and also the country with one of the worst cases of hyperinflation in modern times. I describe those scenes and others in the book to illustrate key concepts.

Amazon is struggling a bit linking all three versions of “The Wiring Diagram” on one page (they said they could, then they said they couldn’t …) but no worries — below are links to all three versions, plus links to the other free Kindle editions.

The Wiring Diagram: The One-Page Beacon for Britain by John Hoskyns, Thatcher’s Top Policy Advisor:
Kindle (e-book) edition (free through Sunday)
Color printed edition 
Black-and-white printed edition 

More free Kindles!
Six Nine, Two Ten: A Body, Big and Small (Kindle edition free through Sunday)
A Basic Glossary of Invertebrate Zoology (Kindle edition free through Sunday)

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