Blindspots (Case Master Update I)

I ran across this TEDxVienna talk by magician Kyle Eschen entitled “The art of cognitive blindspots,” and it struck me, because discovering one’s “blindspots” is a major feature of Case Master. The key to solving difficult consulting cases is to figure out what one is not seeing, and each case in the book exploits a common blindspot to help train the aspiring consultant.

Psychologists have demonstrated that we can be incredibly blind―literally, unable to see something―when our attention is directed to something else. Eschen mentions the famous “invisible gorilla” test, which is now over 20 years old, and if you haven’t taken it yet, try it now.

If you have already experienced the invisible gorilla test, it’s hard to get fooled by it again. However, a slightly different version of it is remarkably effective on the experienced. I just tried the one below and was rendered completely blind! It just goes to show that we can all be caught off guard at any time by not paying attention … or more likely, paying too much attention to the wrong things.

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